The Title That Binds Us – and i want to learn how to break through

Impressions. They’re important, you know. People’s impressions of you decide where you stand in the pecking order, what you are bound to do, what is expected of you, your limits, in short. For many, it’s their definition. For me, it’s the chains that bind myself.

It’s inevitable, really. When I’m with someone that I know, I tend to act how I’m supposed to, in their eyes. Living up to expectations, you see, no matter good or bad.

Though, sometimes, when I don’t want to imitate the me in their eyes, I just struggle so hard, but never seem to break through that impression of me.

Sure, impressions of me could very well be a part of me, but that’s what it is – only a part of me. It’s not the whole me, and just maybe, you could make some space, and leave some space for the other parts of me to surface and take a breath?

Being limited to only showing so little of myself, there are times that I would think that that’s it. That’s all I am. Just that. Nothing else. (Later, I’ll call myself an idiot.) That’s why I think limiting your personality is so dangerous. I don’t want to lose myself.

Even so, the chains that weigh other, hidden personalities down beneath the surface, they’re not only made from other’s impressions. For them to bind me, I have to let them, and I’m ashamed to say that I did let them.

So, it’s up to me myself, and no one else, to break through those chains, and let all of me breathe.


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