The Sky Is Big There – and so are the crows

I took a week and a half off and went to visit relatives in West Australia last month. My first thought when I got out of the airport was ‘The sky’s so big here’. The second thing that caught my eye was the black birds perching on the fence, so my second thought was ‘The crows here are so big, too’. Figured it sums up my thought patterns pretty well.

If asked what I would love to do most on a vacation overseas, I would definitely not answer ‘sight-seeing’ or ‘experiencing the culture’ or anything interesting. In fact, it’ll be a pretty boring ‘relaxing’.

I know myself, and I had a tendency to rush head-long into things, jumping in without so much as a glance at where I’ll be landing- or not, as it may be the case. That tendency has mostly been grind down and rough edges smoothed down somewhat since (but no promises, mum and dad).

Instead, now I find myself more towards dedicating time and overt patience into deciding where I ‘fit in’, so to say, into a new schedule. If I’m not constantly on the move, if there be a chance that I am going to settle down for more than a day or two into an already established routine, I’d prefer to observe and experience at my own snail’s pace, thank you.

My cousin complained that I was wasting the chance to sight-see and enjoy the many interesting aspects visiting there has brought, but without constant urging from anyone, I’ve settled for enjoying the far simpler aspects of weather, free space, free time, and meals taken so alike yet still very differently. It was fun.

Yes, I have to admit that it was a waste of time, the many things I did only to have fun. Like read. Or watching movies. But have I mentioned I have horrendous habits and odd ideas of ‘fun’? Oh well. What’s done is done, isn’t it? Stop nagging.

The point -yes, there is a point, woah- is,

I loved the tingly feeling of cold, crisp air in the mornings,

I loved the very early mornings,

I loved the parrots in the trees,

I loved the very, very big parks,

I loved the short green grass,

I loved taking the train,

I loved the small market ten minutes of leisurely walk away,

I loved cycling in the mornings and evenings,

I loved the heavy feel and warmth of the winter blanket I so often wrapped myself up in (despite it being only late autumn),

I loved how early the moon rises up into the sky,

I loved how the wind howls and whipped my hair everywhere when we’re driving on the highway with the windows down,

I loved the cereal,

I loved how shadows stretch and dance in the dying rays of golden sunsets,

I loved the ‘Good Mornings’ and ‘Hi, how you’re doin?’ that were thrown casually to strangers I’ve never seen before,

I loved the nights where the stars were brighter than usual,

I loved the big, big sky that I can see high, so high above,

and yes, I loved the very big crows too.

Isn’t that enough, that I’ve found so many things to love?






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