For Want of A Nail – and i lost all and gained all

As the saying goes, for want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, and for want of a horse the man was lost, for want of a man the battle was lost….until an entire kingdom was lost. Pause. Hold it, frame that picture, flip it over, and extrapolate. The final picture would probably be something like ‘For sake of a nail, a kingdom was gained’.

When those who lost the kingdom either died or fled or surrendered, the kingdom may have fallen, but that doesn’t mean the lands cease to exist, do they?

For a loss there is always a gain, and though I stand by the fact that the biggest winner in war is always loss, at least at the end there will always be the ones that declared victory theirs to claim. (Excluding extenuating circumstances, of course.)

Win some, lose some; Lose some, win some. Simple as that.

Now I’m not going to go into those long, touching idioms and expressions like ‘When a door closes, another opens’ and all that, because yeah, sometimes that’s the case, but other times you just have to face the fact that: ‘Yep. I messed up. Dead end. No invisible bridge. No treasure at the bottom of the precipice. No door on the cliff face that is opened by some magical phrase. I have to turn around, go back the way I came, and choose another path.’

And all the while someone else is walking further and further down that path that you could have chosen, but didn’t.

Sometimes there is just no easy way, no short-cut, no divine intervention, and you just have to run into some dead ends and stumble along till you find your way again. Sometimes you just have to accept that yes, there is most likely already others who managed to avoid the pitfalls you fell into, whether because they built their navigation system better than you did or by chance and luck.

That’s not to say that it’s completely hopeless, though. Look at the bright side, scars build character, and the right scars tells a story that adds to you rather than subtracts, and that’s kinda neat, too.

My friends say that I’m a realist and an optimist, quite contradicting, I know. It’s because I’m not one for blank, white lies of comfort. I prefer solid, logical facts of chance of success. I won’t tell you that ‘You were the best, you’re winning it, for sure.’ when everyone with ears and eyes can tell differently; I’m just the kind of person to say ‘Don’t worry, there’s three others that’s definitely much worse than you ever was, so you’ll most likely get in.’

Maybe it’s not exactly encouraging (okay, I admit it really isn’t), but it has a high chance of coming true, plus whatever it is, it’s still a chance.

Maybe I should have titled this ‘Look At The Bright Side – and least a kingdom was gained’, but by now you should have gathered that I generally choose the title by whatever is in my line of sight or whatever that popped into my mind at that moment, and start to ramble on from there.

It’s always funny to scroll right back up to the top and reread the entire thing after I’ve finished, because there was never an end in mind when I start, or when I’m halfway-through, or sometimes even when I’m on the last paragraph.

Things happen for a reason, is rather lame reason for things to happen, but if you just take time to look beyond face value, maybe, only maybe, there will be something there just waiting for you.

And then there’s always flip-sides, after all. The people who lost their kingdom must have resented the blacksmith with lousy horse-shoe fitting skills, but the people who gained a kingdom- who knows, really?

To be honest, this has gone on a lot longer than usual, and very much messier. To sum it all up:

Bad things do happen. (Uh huh)

Bad things build character.(Er…)

There are times where you just plain fail. (*cough*)

There are times where you realize your mistake too damn late. (*choke cough*)

But yeah, be happy you had the chance to try. (Wait what?)

And maybe you can see it as practicing to salvage small disasters before you move onto bigger ones. (Because yes, you probably very much will. Huh.)


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