The Power of Hypnotizing – and i believe im a long term victim

Ever imagined yourself as one who can perform the art of hypnotizing? Particularly in the branch of hypnotizing people into deep sleep? I know someone who does it on a daily basis. Truly.

No one actually means to, really, but everyone does it. Fall asleep, I mean.

There’s only 5 minutes of the speech left, and I made myself sit on the very edge of my chair, eyes going as wide as they can be, staring at the speaker and trying  my very best to look very interested in what the speaker was talking about.

I thought I could probably last through these meager minutes. I thought that there isn’t possibly a way that I could fall asleep that way.

Turns out, I thought wrong.

With absolutely no idea when I had zoned out, the next time I became aware of my surroundings I was slumped back on my seat, and people was getting up to leave. Most were still blinking open bleary eyes like me. I had missed the last 5 minutes, after all. I feel kind of ashamed, really. (Actually, no, not really.)

The speaker was still there, tidying things up. I looked at him with awe.

Seriously, anyone with talents in hypnotizing such as the speaker should never waste their skills on mundane tasks – they should go enter a talents contest, conquer the judges and the audiences, and go right onto conquering the world.


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