Glimpses – Daily Work Life As Told By Logbook

Glimpses – Of Life

those really ______ moments you want to remember.



[10.00am] cash in drawer – 80 – Anna IN (Anna)

[10.15am] Found pieces of ceiling on the floor in front of mannequin two when sweeping NOTED (Anna)

[11.00am] Lady of 60 ask for ‘more old lady clothes’. How to fit ‘old lady clothes’ into chic theme NOTED (Anna)

[11.22am] Cut loose threads of all new stock. Defected items under counter NOTED (Anna)

[11.45am] Found pieces of ceiling behind counter NOTED (Anna)

[12.30pm] cash in drawer -108 – Anna BREAK (Anna)

[12.35pm] cash in drawer – 108 – Anna BACK (Anna)

[1.08pm] Found pieces of ceiling behind counter again. Checked upstairs. Electric guitar class today NOTED (Anna)

[1.20pm] Ironed all new stock NOTED (Anna)

[2.10pm] Tagged and hung up all new stock. Keyed in system. Store room one to three cleared NOTED (Anna)

[2.35pm] Found pices of ceiling behind counter again. Swept the floors NOTED (Anna)

[2.55pm] Wiped down mirrors NOTED (Anna)

[3.00pm] cash in drawer – 182 – Diana IN + Anna OUT (Diana)

[4.03pm] Boy pulled down curtain and curtain rod of fitting room while playing tag with his brother as their father was helping their mother with trying the clothes on. Handyman called NOTED (Diana)

[4.15pm] Boy mentioned above broke both middle fingers of mannequin three trying to make hand signs NOTED (Diana)

[5.45pm] Handyman came and repaired the fitting room curtains and mannequin fingers. Asked for advice on item T0404 for wife. Wants same design but with sleeves NOTED (Diana)

[6.00pm] cash in drawer – 190 – Diana BREAK (Diana)

[7.00pm] cash in drawer – 190 – Diana BACK (Diana)

[9.00pm] Guy walked in looking for dinner dress for company dinner themed ‘Cross-dressing’. Came out of fitting room to ask for comments with item D0506 on only. Called for security with spare curtain rod in hand NOTED (Diana)

[9.30pm] cash in drawer – 200 – Boss IN + Diana OUT (Wendy)

[9.45pm] cash in drawer – 80 – Sometimes I wonder about those girls, really NOTED + Boss OUT        (Wendy)

*Item code goes like this: T for tops, B for bottoms, and D for dresses. Make with it what you will.