It Was An iRing That Did It – no i am not serious really

Far be it that I would be lauded for any accomplishment, most definitely not one of self-fulfillment, or so says the voice in my head. Shut up, me. Psst…I think I may have gone a teeny weeny bit off the wheels in the past two months or so. Don’t worry, I still look the exact same. On the outside. Better, even.

The all-purpose, multi-functioning, usable-in-each-and-every-situation iRing, is a new addition stuck to the back of my phone. There’s a cute picture of a husky on it, but I digress. It’s main purpose is for me to be able to grab things with all five of my fingers while still holding on to my phone.

(Funny how we always find the need for more fingers.)

Something that hits and the impact stuns. I was thinking about this. Yes, it is related to the iRing topic. No, do not look at me like that. Yes, like that.

I admit this topic is gong more than a bit off tangent, but I would like to point out that there was a reason this blog  (is it a blog, really?) is named Ramblingfest.

Far more, let’s hop back to where we were in the first paragraph. The subject of the maybe-presence of a couple of loose screws in my head. Or the absence of them. Whichever works. Also the topic of how self-fulfillment is not enough to earn rank as an accomplishment in the eyes of many.

To start with, what is self-fulfillment? Google says that it’s the fulfillment of one’s hopes and ambitions. Apt definition. What does it mean? My dad says that it’s being selfish.

Cue woah, woah, WOAH.

What do you hope for?

‘Hope is something you give yourself in the darkest of times’, anyone familiar with this? Hope always symbolize a light in the dark, a campfire in the snow, an oasis in an endless desert. It’s always positive.

Well, hope is always the chance to rise again after a fall. Does hope only befalls the heroes and heroines of your favorite tragedy/romance/adventure novel? Erm…hard to say this, but what do you think happened when you threw the villain off the side of a cliff and s/he comes right back to taunt you in the face at the finale? What do you think happened when the shipwrecked pirate captain raided and won himself another sea-worthy vessel and celebrated with a nerve-shattering ‘Arghhh!!!!’?

‘Hope’ is just a word to say that someone found another chance, one more way to be the last one standing. Does it matter who is the subject matter who found hope?


What about ambition, then? My ambition to become a writer might have been labelled as ‘selfish’ – no future at all– , but still.Though ambition is really an ambiguous word. Mostly due to the association with green and silver, snakes, and certain muggle-eradicating or subjugating tendencies. Let’s skip that, shall we?

Alas, now we arrive at the conclusion that hope and ambition aren’t merely for those who aim to be true to form holier-than-thou, and that self-fulfillment somehow draws equals to being selfish!

Cue thunderous clapping.

Well folks, now you know, next time someone tells you to stop being selfish (and hogging all the blankets to yourself), you tell them that you are only being self-fulfilling (and wanting to be warm so you can have hope to achieve your ambition of sleeping snug through the night), yeah?

(What does the above have to do with the iRing, you ask? Well, ah…everything. It’s what started it :D)


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