Let Your Heart Do the Walking – and i am waiting for me

Ever set out to do something, start walking down the road with every single landmark you’ll pass by in mind, and as you walk you find your own feet turning down paths you can’t see, finding unexpected new sights, and leading you on a merry tour of a world you didn’t know could exist, then at last reaching the exact same destination you had in mind in the first place? Only this way, it feels even better.

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The Sky Is Big There – and so are the crows

I took a week and a half off and went to visit relatives in West Australia last month. My first thought when I got out of the airport was ‘The sky’s so big here’. The second thing that caught my eye was the black birds perching on the fence, so my second thought was ‘The crows here are so big, too’. Figured it sums up my thought patterns pretty well.

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For Want of A Nail – and i lost all and gained all

As the saying goes, for want of a nail the shoe was lost, for want of a shoe the horse was lost, and for want of a horse the man was lost, for want of a man the battle was lost….until an entire kingdom was lost. Pause. Hold it, frame that picture, flip it over, and extrapolate. The final picture would probably be something like ‘For sake of a nail, a kingdom was gained’.

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