No Way Out – and its not like anyone asked for it

The choices we made decide who we are today. Even decisions that were made out of necessity, and even those times when there was only one path to walk down.

It’s a little daunting, if one is completely aware of how simple choices they made then affects the now. To know that if only you hadn’t decide to take a nap, you wouldn’t have missed an important phone call. If only you hadn’t gone out for lunch, you wouldn’t be stuck in a traffic jam for hours.

Choices that seem so innocent can be the start of something totally unexpected, be it good or bad, though we mostly only think back on the choices we made when it leads up to something unfortunate.

Even so, some choices were taken out of our hands. Some things, you just can’t not do.

Those choices make up part of who we are too, no matter how unwillingly made.

Can’t you see? If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be standing here, receiving your glares. I didn’t choose this. You chose for me. So please stop backing me into this corner I can’t escape from.


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