These Open Doors – and no its not the butterflies that i mean

It’s the sitting-in-a-corner thing, I tell you. It must be. Somehow, seeing those who willingly sits by themselves in a corner, people automatically relates it to things like lone wolfsocial outcast, or anti-social. Sometimes, it’s so far from the truth, and we’re all a bunch of blind idiots

I’ve met people -a lot more of them than you’d think- who always had that kind of mindset. There’s, generally speaking, two types of them. They either like being in the middle of the crowd, or like being on the sidelines. Who likes sitting in a corner, all by themselves? No one, they would say. Well that’s not true.

Look at the bigger picture, and know that they aren’t alone.

Being included doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be from afar. That’s why when people gather to whisper about those who willingly sits in corners, I like to walk right up to those so called lone wolves and start a conversation, simply to make a statement. They’re always fun to talk to too, and they have a wide range of topics to choose from. At least, the ones I know.

For me, being willingly further apart doesn’t mean I don’t want to join you, it means I’m inviting you to join me.

As I’ve said, they can talk about anything and everything, and their comfort zones range further than most, so it’s surprisingly easy to get along with them. It’s because they talk to everyone. Let me explain:

Social stigmas are evident everywhere, and you’d fall under the label of a stereotype sooner or later. It’s simply human nature to ‘label’ people, that’s all. These lone rangers, some of them choose to be what they are, stepped willingly under those labels, because under those labels, they leave a door open.

People tend to stick with their own social circles, and they rarely step out of them. What about those that don’t have one then? It’s them, those that stand back willingly.

I used to imagine social circles as, well, circles. Specific people that surrounds you, circling you, forming a wall around you that separates and cuts you off from the outside world. Even if you somehow find a way to squeeze out from them, you’ll find yourself facing walls of other circles. The only ones totally open to you are the ones without those walls of social circles around them. That’s why I said that they’re inviting you.

They don’t have walls around them. They’re an open door that welcomes you anytime. Sure, maybe you’ll go away in the end because of the lack of walls, but for a little while, you can talk about anything at all, you can relax, you can be yourself. That’s what I like best about those people. They listen, because there’s only them and you. They don’t really judge, because there’s no need to, no one to judge for. And the best, you know you’re able to leave anytime, and there’ll be nothing that can stop you, and they won’t mind.

I like them, you know. They’re like a resting stop for anyone who wants to stop by and just have a little laugh (and a rant-it’s what I do). They’re a somewhat weird (in a good way) and much needed bunch of opened doors, these sitting-in-a-corner people.


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