The Little Effort We Put In – and thats what led to big things

Something just got stuck in my mind today, and won’t let go no matter what I do. A question. Why do people, friends, drift away from one another?

It all started with coincidences. Without chance, luck, and maybe some intervention from Lady Fate herself, best friends would’ve never met, bonds were never made, and promises that do not exist stay unbroken.

It’s comforting and terrifying, these bonds that tie you to one another – they either make or break you.

But my question today isn’t about that.  It’s about how to keep these bonds from being slowly dissolved by time.

Friendship, true friendship is a sacred thing. I’m pretty sure you all have at least an inkling on exactly how much it means, because if I’m going into that topic, it’s going to be endless.

Thing is, no matter how strong a bond between friends is, you have to put in an effort to maintain it, keep it going strong. Or it’ll simply grow thinner and thinner as time wears on, and sooner or later, you’ll wake up one day and wonder where the connection went, whether those feelings actually existed or not.

That’s what scares me the most – because I don’t want to feel like that, someday in the future. To wonder what went wrong, or to know what exactly went wrong, and be completely helpless to fix it.

Everyday that I spend with my friends, I want to remember them with fondness, and when I come across a hilarious memory, be able to pick up the phone then and there and share it with them, and there’ll be no awkwardness whatsoever even though years have past. (Though I am not letting it get to years. Months, maybe)

So please, everyone out there who has those special ‘someone’s that you would really, really miss if they’re gone, put in some effort. Nothing big, a phone call now and then to let them know that you’re still alive would be great.

If you value them, show them that you do.


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