Blink Once – and the world would have gone by

Could be just my imagination, but by the fourth time it happened, I knew it wasn’t. One blink, and the minute hand would have moved over two numbers on the clock face. Cue deep sigh.

It’s entirely my fault, really. Lack of sleep’s my best guess. The tedious work in front of me another. Any other time, I wouldn’t even have bothered, but deadlines are lurking just around the corner, and now is simply not the time for my body to catch up with lost sleep.

Intentions and wishes aside, I can’t really control what my body desperately needs – rest. Lots and lots of rest. And food, don’t forget that sustenance humans need to take three times a day to nourish our body  and stay healthy. Why three times and not one, I don’t understand.

Therefore as much as I wish otherwise, I can’t keep on ignoring my body’s plea to sleep. Gosh, heaven knows I want to, when’s the last time I actually slept? Aside from power naps that don’t really power me up as opposed to chugging energy sluggishly into emptied-out limbs, hmm, several weeks ago, maybe?

…Maybe I should go to bed early today.

(but you know that will never happen)


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