What That I See – and i see that you dont really see

Opinions. They differ from person to person. Different opinions on the same subject, not a foreign notion at all. There’s bound to be different opinions – people have different minds. What’s baffling is how despite knowing this, people still cannot fathom why there are others who think differently from themselves.

Here’s an example: (a very ordinary one, one that can be found only if you would look) It was a family dinner,  and a young cousin (okay, maybe not that young anymore) asks for some kind of beverage after dinner, I presume, as his father immediately berated him, saying something akin to “you already had it twice this week, no more drinking, I won’t let you”.

I know, I thought he was asking for something alcoholic too. (It’s very misleading, to me at least) Turns out, the cousin was asking for a glass of fresh milk.

I can imagine the bewildered look on my face well, as it’s reflected in my immediate family’s. We have a habit of adding milk powder into hot chocolate to make it sweeter, or maybe to use it as a replacement for coffee mate. Sometimes even to drink it as something warm and soothing before bed. And that’s milk powder. Far alike to the baby milk powder than milk-in-a-carton, which was what said cousin was asking for. Which his father thinks is only for babies.

To not drink milk in the morning, no milk to dip chocolate chips into (one of my guiltiest pleasures – I can finish the whole jar in one sitting), and no milk when you can’t sleep at night?

Unthinkable. Not to them though. Somehow, I kind of pity the boy (young adult, whatever).

And then his father turned and asked me, directly, as if to prove that only babies drink milk, “Do you still drink milk? No, right?”

My answer? Well, I’ll leave it up to your imagination. The the dumbfounded look on his face though!

It’s a small thing, but it’s also funny to learn that people around you have so vastly different views than your own. Amusing, really.


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