Just A Sudden Realization – and now im reflecting

Imagine this: You come across a person yelling vile insults at another, disparaging their person, even going so far as to throwing out undeserved comments about their physical appearance, while the other simply cringed and stood there silently. What would you do, faced with this situation?

It seemed that usually, if it’s a stranger, most would look on disapprovingly, and walk on. Or they pass the information on to another, and now one more person will have their opinion on the matter. The big question is, what, exactly, is that opinion?

I think that it would be a save bet to say that most will stand on the insulted party’s side. Some would be appalled by the offender’s aggressiveness, some would be silently disapproving of the entire situation, some would pity the receiver of the insults, some would even feel indignant in place of the ‘poor guy’.

But none will actually do anything.

Until, finally (maybe) someone does, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

It takes a special brand of bravery to stand up for someone who you don’t know at all, and sadly, this particular type of bravery is severely lacking in people. You, me, everyone else.

Just when you thought that it’s completely hopeless, that people out there who deserve someone to stand up for them are going to have their hopes crushed, you then log onto whatever social media, and see and read all those ‘like’s and comments on tragic events.

All those people who passed by with a lingering glance, voicing out against the offender, loudly. Comforting the ‘poor guy’ in this situation, compassionately.

Where did that voice, where did the compassion, where did all of it come from? Where was it when it was actually needed?

Somehow, people get that bravery when they aren’t actually facing the situation. Huh.


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