Midnight Chirping – and it sounds pleasant somewhat

Birds are the early-risers, they sing and chirrup as the sun rises above the horizon. What to make of that tiny birdie outside the window then, the one that sings and chirps at midnight sharp?

There’s always that unique one, the one that sticks out like a sore thumb. Though not necessarily in a bad way. Like that bird that keeps tweeting at midnight sharp. I wonder if it isn’t a night owl… Haha, not.

Being different in a crowd, there’s bound to be someone who fits into this category anywhere you go. Be it in the middle of the spotlight, or standing at the sidelines, silently beingĀ there.

And even if the endless – at least until half an hour later – chirping wakes someone up at entirely the wrong time in the middle of the night, perhaps it’s not so bad after all, if you think about it.


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