‘D’s, ‘S’s, ‘C’s and ‘W’s – and thats what we all do

The dos and don’ts and should and shouldn’t. The things you would, but couldn’t, and the things you could, but wouldn’t. It’s all your choice, in the end. And how you look at the big picture.

Life’s been hectic recently, and growing to include more and more by the day. Can’t wait for a chance to take a day off, with all I’ve been doing. Ah, but then there’s still the things that I should be doing, but am not doing.

See, some people, they can see long-term. They know that what they are doing now, or what they aren’t doing, is going to effect some outcome down the long line. They see the consequences of dos and don’ts, and they choose correctly. But these are the minority.

Well, there are also some, though thankfully not that many, who cannot see at all. Totally blind, them.

The majority? Well, they can see well enough, and they know enough too. Thing is, they have this special ability – the power of ignorance. And hand in hand with this ability comes also its infamous brother – the longing to enjoy. Ignorance is bliss, they say. Seems to work the same way with deliberate ignorance. You ignore the problem staring you in the face, and you turn the other way to enjoy life, as they say.

(Who are they? I know not.)

So this is what I’ll do. I will give you, yes you, (you know who you are) a chance. To see clearly. Give yourself a time limit, not too long, and then list down everything that you should do. Then start the countdown, and start doing them. Let’s see how far you can get before you are doing something you shouldn’t. I hope, for your sake, that it’s further off than mine.


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