Rushing to the Front – and not minding the falling behind

Right, not minding could be stretching it a little, but it’s okay, really. Ever known yourself to unexpectedly be doing far better than you’d imagine, feeling the euphoria of being just so up to expectations, but when you’re finally woke up from the dream, that warm, content feeling yet still lingers? And you’re completely happy?

Not a bad feeling at all. Mostly because without immense help, I could never have done it, and that it was a group effort. I owed it to all the people who gave me a hand (and much, much more than that), that I, we can achieve what I had originally thought quite impossible, but I’m glad, really, really glad to say that I’m sorry for the lack of faith.

Sometimes dreams just seem so far away, so near the impossible – it almost always is – that moment when you finally grasped it, it won’t even sink in. Until someone had grabbed you and was hugging your life out of you. That was the moment that I actually knew, knew that we had done it.

The realization… wow, just wow.

Then the after, when you sit down and think, and thank people, and find out deep down that you  did this because of them, and a big part also for them, you really smile, and never want to stop.

There’s still such a long way to go, and even though you’ve still fallen behind in the end, it’s okay. For now you know that there’s a beautiful, beautiful something just beyond your sight, blocked by the mass of people walking in front, that something that you’ve maybe glimpsed, and you know that if you push really, really hard, one day, you will see it again.


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