Starting Something New – and you have to care for it

…or it’ll never grow. It’s like planting a seed, without proper care, it definitely won’t grow up as healthy as it should. What I’m  saying here is, starting a new something in your life is going to affect you a lot, but only if you let it.

A spark, one tiny, little spark that seems so insignificant, will burn out in a blink of an eye. Disappear in front of your eyes, like it’s never been there. Or, that same spark could start a blazing wild fire, burning down, eating away at everything in its path.

So you have to control it, choose what that spark is going to amount to. Something that will be remembered, but in a good way.

Mostly, those sparks never get anywhere more than lighting up a few centimeters radius before fading away, but those that are cultivated, tended to, they can become a bonfire that will warm you in the cold of night. It’s that that you want.

Patience, determination, dedication, and much motivation – and more than that – will be needed to keep that bonfire burning through the night, but once you did it, that feeling of being accomplished cannot be easily erased, and just that few moments of being so, so proud of yourself – it’s worth it. 


2 thoughts on “Starting Something New – and you have to care for it

  1. Like they say, you regret more the things you didn’t do than those you did. Even the smallest accomplishment should be celebrated! Great post 🙂


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