My Life Goal – and its practically impossible

Everyone has that something that they yearn to achieve, don’t they? Something to strive for, a goal to steer your direction in. The final destination that you’ve set your eyes upon, and seem to never be able to reach?

Well, I’ve found mine.

My life goal? To sleep before 11 o’clock at night.

I know, it sounds stupid, and very… un-life-goal like, but the fact is it is something that I really, really hope to achieve, but can never seem to. I don’t want to stay up late every night and get at most 5 hours sleep everyday, but I still do.

Sometimes, the easy things are the ones that are so hard to achieve. All I have to do is to finish all the things that I have to do before 11. Thing is, I can’t.

I’m pretty sure the hardest, seemingly impossible things to do almost always sound easy. Sleep before 11pm? Sure. Finish that entire plate? Okay. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday? No problem. Spend 20 minutes exercising everyday? Piece of cake.

But how many actually get done? Well, there’s only one excuse that I always use:

“It’s just, life always get in the way.”


One thought on “My Life Goal – and its practically impossible

  1. I think you’re right- that is impossible. I always used to try reading a book to put me to sleep. Unfortunately I love reading so I’d get caught up in the story and the next thing I know it’s 2am. Oops.


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