Art of Give and Take – and I really don’t mean what you think

For some, simply taking is what they do. For many, taking must be compensated by giving. For the select few, giving without taking is the way to go. My question is, wherein does the problem lie, when the one giving gives too less, and the one taking takes too much?

It’s what I’ve been thinking about the whole day. When one person gives knowing that it’s too little, and another takes knowing that there’s not enough – whose fault is it?

The one giving? The one taking? Both?

The one giving can give more, but chose not to. The one taking can take less, but chose not to. Perhaps it is both their faults. Hmm…

There’s this other scenario, how it relates to this issue is up for your imagination, but I think it fits.

A teacher gives her student a test, knowing full well that it’s high above the student’s level, expecting the student to do his best, despite knowing that he wouldn’t be able to do it.

The student tried hard, but after going through half of the paper with only answers that he couldn’t be certain about because of lack of knowledge, he realized that the questions left are even more complicated, and decided to just skip the whole thing.

Now, whose fault is it?

My point isn’t trying to place blame on either party, but to clarify that, to me, it seems that both are simply – human. And to overcome that… suggestions, anyone?


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