The Way to Go – and it doesn’t matter if you fall

When you muster up the courage to take that tiny step in a new direction, don’t be afraid to fall, because you will. And you will climb back up again, and keep on walking.

It’s like how everything in life’s a challenge. New beginnings are almost always hard, and then they either become easier with time, or become harder than ever. Usually the latter, and you feel like it’s the former only because you’ve gotten used to it.

Trying out new things may seem exciting or may even intimidate you, but once you’ve gotten over that breathless feeling like riding on a roller-coaster, you start to think: Does this suit me? Am I going in the right direction? Is this leading where I want it to be?

Life brings unexpected turns – in other words, even your own decisions will surprise you many a time. The thing is, no one can know where the next step will lead them to. We can’t see that far down the road. What we can do, is to walk the way that our heart tells us to, and to walk it without hesitation.

When you come upon crossroads, don’t stand there waiting for too long, or one of the roads may be blocked when the time’s up. Further down the road, yes, perhaps you’d regret the choices you’ve made, but there’s simply no way back. You just have to wait till you find another crossroad, and hope that you chose better this time.

Don’t be afraid to walk straight into obstacles – they make you stronger than what you were. Walking into ditches, walls, up steep mountain trails, and off the occasional cliff – it’s all part of the journey.

Just one important thing that no one should forget: Don’t ever follow the footprints of others blindly.

Leave your own footprints. Even if their messy. Especially if they’re messy.


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