Sentimentality – and perhaps its what i do best

When for some reason you just find something so sad, or something that you feel so much for, and everyone else thinks that you’re so weird – and you wonder how they can’t see how large this is, how incredibly pitiful it is, how you just can’t stop feeling what you do.

It could be anything, really. A few words, a picture, an unexpected gesture, and I will somehow find them so meaningful.

Perhaps it’s just me over-thinking it. Most likely I’m just overly imaginative. Maybe overly imaginative. It’s just nothing, so why do I feel like it’s so much more?


I can’t help it. It’s not as if I want to feel so much about something that’s totally unrelated to me. It just happens. Then there are the times where I should feel so much, yet felt nothing.

Even if the weirded-out looks keep coming, I don’t think I want it to stop.

…Words are waiting to be typed out beneath my fingertips, but I’m too tired today to care.


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