Be Your Best – and im just so tired of it

“Why don’t you want to try your best at something? You should always strive to be your best in life!” My answer : I’ll be my best for myself, but I don’t want to be my best for people who won’t appreciate it.

It’s tiring, you know? To be the one leading the way up a steep hill, always pausing to look back, to encourage the people behind to keep up, to not give up. You give them water, you try to carry the heaviest backpacks, you let them lean on your shoulder while they rest, and rest, and rest, and still they do nothing but whine and complain. And rest. Have I mentioned that?

After sometime, even the most upbeat people would get tired, won’t they?

I’ll admit, perhaps I’m exaggerating, but the feeling’s still the same. Why bother to put in so much effort when no one cares?

It’s just wasting your time and energy, time and time again. I’d rather be the one that walks alongside with only my own backpack to carry, my own gear to use, and my own determination to spur me on.

Even if I fall behind, I know that it’s because of me and me only, and I’ll know that I need to improve myself, and if I’m ahead, I don’t have to look back, I don’t have to wait.

…It sounds so anti-social even to my own ears. I’m a loner, aren’t I? (and no, it’s not the first time I’ve thought about it)

But there are the special ones. They are few, but I have them. The ones that I would wait for, the ones that I will stay beside and help up no matter what, the ones that I will push to the top of that steep hill even if it means that I’ll be the last one up.

The ones that I trust absolutely to do the exact same thing to me if I ever fall behind.

That’s why.


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