Epitome of Worrying – and i dont know whether to feel warm or not

Do you get that warm feeling when you know that someone’s worrying about you? How does it feel like? If it feels like you wanting to roll your eyes and mutter under your breath in fond annoyance, then that’s the warm feeling I feel.

Really, I don’t actually know what I’m looking for when I tell people that something’s wrong. Comfort? Reassurance? Pity? (Uh…)

Not quite expecting to have my ears nagged off though. (Or perhaps I’ve known it all along?)

Even so, maybe, just maybe, I can allow myself a small smile throughout the chiding and lecturing. You have to be thankful, I guess. That there’s someone that worries enough about you to talk their tongues off and pause to drink a cup of water (that I provided, if I may add) and continue on talking -ranting, whatever- just to tell you that you should take better care of yourself.

Yeah, if that’s worrying about me, I could somewhat deal with it.

……As if I have a choice.


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