Of Mature Minds – and now im so very confused

Maturity. How do you define it? Is it of the age? Of the mind? Of wisdom? Something else? It’s subjective, some say. Perhaps it is? I’m not sure.

A debacle about how one defines maturity popped up today. It was (in a way) inconclusive, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

There’s the public view of maturity – when you come of age, and then there’s personal views – when you’ve accumulated enough life-experiences, or something else. Which leaves quite a lot to contemplate on.

Public views can be changed (presumably), but each person has different views on maturity, surely? My outlook on this is that no matter the age, you have to have gone through at least some events that make you think wiser on life.

It’s pretty vague, but I’d like to think that I know when someone can look at life through aged eyes. Guess I’m still figuring out my way, and these posts are actually helping a little. Hmm…


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