Laze Off – and i didnt even mean to

People are inherently lazy. It’s a fact. (Well, okay, most people are) So why does my laziness surprise me time and time again?

It’s almost a routine by now – I’ll suddenly just blink, and an hour would’ve passed without my noticing. No biggie when it’s only several minutes, but more than two hours is little on the unexpected side, not to mention that your surroundings have completely changed. (How did I get from over there to here, and why are you doing here?) Disorienting, really.

That’s probably what happens when you don’t get enough sleep, or when you inexplicably wake up more than a few times when the sky’s still pitch black (though it can be counted as morning, I think) and simply cannot get back to sleep.

For quite some time now, me and sleeping ain’t getting along well. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleeping, but the thing is, I do very little of it. At night. When I’m supposed to. I sleep like a zombie during the day though, seriously, I can sleep while sitting totally up-right with my eyes half-open, and I’ve almost managed to sleep while standing. Still working on it.

There’s no reason (and if there is, oh well) to not sleep – and I actually want to sleep at night too, but habits can’t be formed overnight, can they? So, I’m thinking of going off to take a nap right now, or at least try. Wish me luck.


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