Leaving Behind Something – and the rest still goes on

When someone leaves, it’s like they’re leaving an empty gap to be filled up. That’s what some say, anyway. To me, the coming and goings all around are just people stepping on a train and stepping off again. Not really noticeable when all you’re trying to do is to see just where the train you’re on is heading.

My friend said she almost cried today, at the farewell party (yeah, it sorta is a party). Well, she knew the retiree somewhat, but I’ve never even heard the name (or most likely have forgotten). Though, she told me she was imagining this happening to her mindscape-favorite-character, so how much of the sadness is for the retiree is anyone’s guess.

Presents, speeches, hugs, even a cake and performances – it’s a grand farewell party, if nothing else.

When the retiree stepped out of the door for the last time, I wondered if we, the ones still here, were really left behind. Did the retiree leave us behind, or did we? We are still here, trying our best for tomorrow, and one of us isn’t going to be here for tomorrow. The people who go, they seem more like staying, and we the rest are the ones leaving.

They have hopped off the train, and we’re still moving on towards that unseen destination. Isn’t that it?


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