A Little About Me – and id like to think that i know myself well

Not so much an  introduction and more of how I see things – sometimes the way people look at life defines them more than any other descriptions do.

I don’t know about anyone else, but have you ever felt the joy of surprising someone after keeping a secret for a long time? (Preferably, good ones) I like to do that. One day it’ll be completely normal, then the other, “Hey, you know the project you wanted me to try out for a few months back? Mine got first place yesterday.” The faces are always SO worth it.

Then there’s the way one looks at the sky. My guess is most people don’t usually stop and stare up at the clouds in the middle of doing something. For me, the sky’s so big, so high up, and you’re just a tiny ant down here, the thought gives me energy , to know that whatever it is that I’m worrying about, whatever I’m doing, I’ll most definitely finish it, and it’ll always end. Because there’s no way I’ll be stuck doing this forever, like how people always moan about. Because, dear, you want to know forever? Look up.

Plus, the clouds are really cool. It was all pale lavender with streaks of burning orange at sunrise this morning. I wished I had my camera, albeit it’ll never beat the real thing.

Hmm…ever thought about what could be happening to others? It doesn’t matter if they’re miles away or just in the next room over – just pause to think on what they’re doing now. Even if it’s not even close to accurate, it gives good insight on how you think about said person. I’m always curious to what people think of me… self-conscious, much?

Now, I really need to ask this: Why does everyday seem to grow shorter and shorter? There’s no way 24 hours can pass so fast. Though I try not to, sometimes I still need to rush. Rush to do something, rush to say something, rushing somewhere – like now. *sigh*

(if I make sense to you, terrific. If I don’t, well, you’re just one of the majority XD)


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