Hello World – and i have no idea what im doing

So, totally have no idea what I’m gonna do with this. A non-committal suggestion, really, and well, since I like rambling so much (as ‘people’ say), I can simply give my input about life here, instead of there.

Snippets of short stories in daily life, funny moments, or just anything I like, really, I think I’ll just stuff it here. Typing things out makes me feel calmer and happier, even if its nonsense to anyone else. Too bad, that. (No, really.)

Let’s see how far I can actually take this – I’m kinda curious.


2 thoughts on “Hello World – and i have no idea what im doing

  1. I have been reading other starting blogs, and worried that I don’t know what mine is for when everyone else seems to be very clear. But I am worried for them as well as me. I anticipate mine will grow and change and may not end up where I thought. And I have seen lots of blogs that say one thing clearly and then never say anything else. Nothing wrong with that though, I guess.


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